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Government Subsidy

In order to improve and obtain energy efficiency and environmental conservation, the HK Government set up ' The Environmental Protection Fund ' in 1994 to subsidy the implementation of environmental conservation/improvement related projects, education, research/study, technical demonstration/exhibition and activities etc. Starting from 1994, the above Funds Committee has approved and allocated a total fund of $1,235,000,000.00, and since then $200,000,000.00 has been approved to subsidy over 1,000 items.

The funds are open for applying by all non-profit organisations in HK (i.e. Environmental group, community group, campsite, schools, gymnasium etc.), owners' organisations or residents' organisations of residential, commercial, industrial buildings.

The subsidized activities and items are as follows :

1. Targeting to implement and improve green life, environmental greening (i.e. landscape greening) ;
2. Promoting the renewable energy concept/activities, and promoting the use of renewable energy (i.e. solar and wind energy) ;
3. Encouraging energy saving and reducing carbon emission

To set up a better beautiful environment for citizen, we are willing to offer advisor services and assist the relevant organisations to apply for the required subsidization.

More information on the “Environment and Conservation Fund”

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